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Starting small with personal insurance

Personal insurance is something that we all hope we don’t need; but the reality is, many people do benefit from income protection, life and TPD insurance every year. Deciding what type of personal insurance is appropriate can be quite overwhelming. There are so many different products, all with slight variations – so where do you start?… Read more


What is the true price point when purchasing for your business?

What’s the total cost of your project? In banking and finance language, the term “equipment finance” covers loans provided for the purchase of capital equipment. It also includes cars and fit-outs of shops and practices and can be used for various other purposes. Unfortunately, most borrowers still consider the cost of finance to be nothing… Read more


Benefits of an Operating Lease.

Keep your technology current with an Operating Lease. For the modern medical and dental practice, which demands the latest solutions for imaging, diagnostics, communications and IT, an Operating Lease has several advantages over traditional finance. With technology ever changing, an Operating Lease is the most flexible finance option to facilitate equipment upgrades both during and… Read more


Bring back the Bank Manager.

Over the last 20+ years banks have made major changes to promote self service. Evidence can be found in branch closures, Telephone Banking,  Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs), and significant investment in phone, mobile and internet banking technologies. All in an environment of ever changing staff and structures, constant staff movement and uncertain service – who do… Read more